About Asturias/Asturies

Asturias is a region in northern Spain with Celtic and Roman heritage. It sits between the Atlantic Ocean and several mountain ranges that separate it from the rest of Spain. Like other regions in the north of Spain, such as Galicia, the Basque Country, and Catalonia, it has its own language different from Spanish: Asturian (sometimes also known as Bable), which evolved from Latin. Asturian is taught in schools and universities, and it has flourishing musical and literary traditions. Due to the intensity of some political and cultural events promoting the official recognition of the Asturian language, interest in the language and culture of the region has never been higher. Likewise, academic research on Asturian language, history and culture is having a renewed impulse. In North America, Asturias is the focus of many new dissertations and academic projects. SAnTINA aims to create and promote new research on Asturian Studies internationally.